Rouge River acting as a toilet until at least 2025; Downriver drinking water affected


“It’s important because it affects your drinking water,” said McCormick. “As this flows downriver, it meets the Detroit River, and that’s where we have intakes for the Great Lakes Water Authority. That drinking water is directly affected by how we treat our streams and rivers.”

6 thoughts on “Rouge River acting as a toilet until at least 2025; Downriver drinking water affected

  1. You photo-shopped the blue water……i see that riverceveryday and it doesn’t look like that.

  2. Actually it looks like this every spring and after a really good rainfall. That would be the sediment that washes downstream.

  3. A full range of water chemistry testing results of all parameters are needed for your of the Rouge River and the Detroit River along with test results of the water that is sucked out of the Detroit River at the Detroit drinking water intake Treatment Center and then the same test results of the same chemicals in the drinking water that’s coming out of Detroit because I’m drinking that water
    ( if there is an article somewhere associated with these headlines.) Otherwise you’re just making a whole lot of noise , and it’s just a disturbing visual that you’re putting out. And yes, I have done water chemistry testing of lakes and rivers.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Downriver News is a news aggregation website for everything Downriver, so most of the articles contain a link in blue and bold font where you can click for the full article. In this case the link is: “It’s important because it affects your drinking water.”

      The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s water resource division and the Executive Director of Friends of the Rouge are quoted with their thoughts on the matter. We are glad to see so many people like you are concerned (we drink the water as well). Thanks for checking us out!

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