Letter to the editor: Please help protect Downriver’s Natural Resources

Wetlands 2(1)

Dear Downriver.news,

I am writing on behalf of many concerned citizens in Huron Township in order to inform township residents of a serious issue endangering our natural resources in Huron. We have a MDEQ (Michigan Department of Environment Quality) protected wetland in our subdivision and surrounding area (Canterbury Gardens at Waltz and Willow Rd, the south west corner) that has been tampered with for several years by another township resident (who resides a half mile away). He is trespassing, digging and dredging in order to drain water out of the protected wetland preserve. His explanation is “my sump pump is running too much.” He was told last year by a Wayne County Drain Engineer that waters coming into our drain pond and then the wetland does not affect water in ditches on Ash Road. Many species (beaver, steelhead, birds, etc…) inhabit this wetland and it is connected to lengthy waterways, so the consequences for this illegal behavior are vast.

Recently he has done much more serious damage and is clearly trespassing and destroying private property by digging three small and one large drainage ditch on the north side of the preserve, in order to drain the wetland into the creek.

We have tried our best as residents to fix the damage at our expense, but he simply trespasses back on the property and reopens the drainage ditches to drain the protected wetland preserve. Huron Township police have been called and informed of the illegal behavior a countless number of times over the years, but to no avail. They simply ask for residents to “stop calling.” Residents of this beautiful area are extremely disappointed and frustrated. I just thought Huron Township residents and others in the surrounding area should know about this illegal behavior so we can continue to enjoy and protect our natural resources and waterways in Huron Township.

Randy Berry

Vice President Mike Pence visits Taylor: ‘The American Dream is coming back’


“Michigan was Pence’s first stop on a nation-wide tour to gather support for the USMCA, which would replace the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement. The vice president said Trump is delivering on his promises to support Michigan workers, and asked attendees in Taylor to contact their representatives in Congress.

“The truth is, we need to hear from Michigan,” Pence said. “We need to hear from the Motor City. We need to hear from the backbone of the American auto industry.”