River Rouge Hoops defeated in State Title Game; coach not happy as runner-up


“Rouge basketball is based on state championships,” Stone said. “There are 14 state championship banners in our gymnasium. Coach (Lofton) Greene has a number of runner-up second places, but he didn’t place those banners in the gymnasium. That’s my mentor, he taught me everything I know about basketball. If he’s not satisfied with runner-ups, neither can I be.”

Muskrat for Dinner?! Only Downriver…


“A few years ago, it was my privilege (did I say “privilege”?) to eat a roasted muskrat in Riverview, one of just a handful of communities in downriver Detroit where muskrat is served.”

“Depending on whom you ask, the muskrat dispensation applies in the communities of Wyandotte and Riverview, along the Rouge River and the Raisin River—both of which flow into Lake Erie south of Detroit—or include all of Monroe County, or all of southeast Michigan.”