Michigan State Police Trooper nearly overdoses from cocaine/fentanyl mix in Lincoln Park; saved with Narcan


State Troopers were in Lincoln Park on a drug bust Wednesday, assisting the Downriver Area Narcotics Association task force, when a Trooper began having symptoms of an overdoes.  Apparently he contacted a cocaine and fentanyl mix and was given two doses of Narcan.  He started to recover and was taken to the hospital.

Wyandotte Lyft driver finds passenger’s phone; does not return, but gives self 5-star rating and nice tip


An interesting story from Wyandotte where a woman left her phone in the Lyft driver’s car; contacted the driver, who said it would be returned, but never did return.

Instead, the driver turned the phone off so the woman could no longer track it with the “Find My Phone” app.  GPS last spotted the phone in Westland.  The Lyft driver also helped themselves to a $5 tip and rated themselves as a 5-star driver using the passenger’s Lyft app before turning the phone off.